Legacy Planning

“Do you have your affairs in order?”  How would you answer that question if someone asked you?  One day this won’t be a hypothetical question. Will your loved ones be able to seamlessly transition to a life without you? It is our goal to help map a smooth passage before the time comes. Throughout our years of combined experience at Goldman, Harris, Pratt & Associates Wealth Management, LLC we have observed individuals and families attempt to self-navigate these overwhelming, cumbersome waters by themselves.  A difficult transition is the last thing you want your family to be worrying about. 

At Goldman, Harris, Pratt & Associates Wealth Management, LLC we have developed a system, along with trusted professionals, which streamlines the information gathering process.  It is highly transparent, extremely affordable, and provides for an efficient and personal experience that will help your family seamlessly transition into the future. It’s common and unfortunate that many of us operate under the proverbial, “Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow?” Tomorrow is now. It is time to take control of the future and take advantage of our trusted system. Let us help you author the transfer of you assets to your heirs in a manner that is pleasing to you, and efficient for them.