Retirement Planning

Are you someone who likes to see things in color? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  

At Goldman, Harris, Pratt & Associates Wealth Management, LLC we feel that way too.  When it comes to illustrating your entire financial picture, we trust that you are best served by seeing it on paper and in color.  We are happy to walk you through the in-depth process, a fact finding mission of sorts, which includes data such as: your various income streams, investments, pension plans, retirement accounts, assets and liabilities, upcoming expenses, needed income in retirement years, caring for a loved one, the effects inflation has on your income and investments, and a wide variety of additional topics.  Comprehensive retirement planning requires expert knowledge and 360° strategic oversight.

Following the gathering process, we are able to utilize our efficient financial planning software to illustrate your current situation and forecast the probability of success in your retirement years.  In doing so, you will be able to see a snapshot of your financial life and where you may be falling short of your goals or exceeding them.  Our step-by-step, comprehensive approach will enable all of us to determine what to adjust in order for you to take control of your finances that will allow you to become comfortable with the direction you are headed.  The future is bright for those who plan ahead.